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Syria awaits a fragile future in hand of Russia and Iran, says report

Syria awaits a fragile future in hand of Russia and Iran, says report
posted onDecember 27, 2018

A report by New York Times on Thursday suggests that Syrians face a “brittle future” as Iranians, Russians, Turks, Bashar Assad and ISIS divide the territory among each other.

The report is also declaring that the post-USA Middle East would be a fragile region. US president Donald Trump announced the pull-out of his force in Syria and a huge reduction of American forces in Afghanistan.

“Israeli airstrikes in Syria, Saudi continuation of the war in Yemen, Turkey preparing to attack Syrian Kurds, Assad in Power and Isis anything but defeated, Iran expanding its regional reach, Russia the most influential external power,” American diplomat and president of the council on Foreign Relations, Richard N. Hassa said in a Twitter Post on Wednesday.    

“Welcome to the post-American Middle East,” he concluded.

According to the report despite all the human casualties the post-war Syrian is almost the same version it was before.

“Assad leading a repressive government puppeteered by Russia and Iran,” said the report, adding that both countries are old allies of Assad’s family.

Russia and Iran in return get “regional clout” and it is “the dream scenario” for Russians and Iranians, according to the New York Times report.

Iran has already welcomed US decision to leave Syria and called the Americans “source of tensions,” in the Middle East.