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Iran claims it arrested armed group affiliated with Israel

Iran claims it arrested armed group affiliated with Israel
posted onJuly 27, 2021

Iran’s state TV reported on Tuesday that authorities arrested members of a group linked to Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency amid ongoing protests over water shortages in the Khuzestan province.

The report said “a network of spy agents, with a large number of weapons and ammunition” affiliated with Israel’s Mossad was detained after sneaking into Iran from across its western border.

It claimed the group intended to use the weapons during riots in Iran and also for assassinations.

Local activists on social media defined the news as a “scenario” of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a justification for further crushing the ongoing protests.

The state TV did not elaborate or say how many alleged agents were arrested or when they purportedly infiltrated into Iran. Iran borders Turkey and Iraq to the west.

At least eight people have been killed amid days of protests over water shortages affecting Iran’s Khuzestan province.