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Iranian MPs define nuke talks as US trap

Iranian MPs defines nuke talks as US trap
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posted onApril 13, 2021

Iranian lawmaker released a statement on Tuesday calling the Vienna talks between Iran and world power “a new US trap,” Iran’s Mehr news agency reported.

"The experience of negotiations in recent years has shown that the negotiation process is a hastily one," the statement said, "Today, there are signs of hurriedness in Vienna talks, too."

The Iranian MPs said that the Islamic Republic is facing “fake promises of the western parties.” They urged the regime not to fulfill its obligation under the 2015 nuke deal unless the US sanctions are fully lifted.

"Playing with the term 'verification' is a new trap set by the United States and the West for negotiations," the statement read according to the news agency.

"The coincidence of new EU sanctions and the sabotage of the Natanz site, when the other side must prove its good faith, reminds us that the West's promise and diplomatic smile should not be trusted."

Iran’s Natanz in the country’s central Isfahan province, which hosts its main uranium enrichment facility, was targeted this week. Iranian media blamed Israel for the attack.

The parliament statement came a week after a round of talks between Iran and World power on the accord started in Vienna.