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Iranian forces kill another Kurdish Kolbar in Sardasht

Iranian forces kill another Kurdish Kolbar in Sardasht
posted onMay 26, 2020

Iranian border guards on Monday killed another Kurdish Kolbar (porters who carry heavy loads on their backs traveling across Iran-Iraq border) from the city of Sardasht, eyewitnesses told Avatoday.

Kamaran Golan was shot dead by an Iranian guard at a border point between Iraq and Iran near the city of Sardasht, one of the eyewitnesses said on condition of anonymity.

Kurdish Kolbars risk their lives carrying heavy loads on their backs across the rugged and snow-capped mountain border with the Kurdistan Region.

A Video received by Avatoday Showed other Kolbars carrying Golan’s body.

A friend of Golan told Avatoday that “he was from Rabat town in Sardasht. Kamaran was married and had a daughter.”

Unemployment and poverty often drive locals including women and children to take up the very dangerous and low-paid work.

The area is also covered with landmines and other explosive left since the Iran-Iraq War in 1980-88.

According to information obtained by Avatoday from inside sources, at least 40 Kolbars were killed or wounded by the border guards in the last three months.